Jaguar XJS 5.3 HE 

The Story so far

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The Story So Far 
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I have owned my 1984 XJ-S 5.3HE since December 1999 which I purchased from a local Dealer. I had been looking for quite a while and most of the one' s that I had previously looked at had been neglected and were starting to look a bit tatty and rusty. My budget for buying one was 2000 so I wasn't expecting to find anything as good as the one I finally settled on. The only rust that I could see was on the passengers side front wing at the bottom where it meets the sill. I will hopefully get around to fixing this in the summer. Below is the ad. that I saw in the Autotrader.

JAGUAR XJS 5.3 HE SPORTS, 84/PP number plate XJS 791X, Automatic, air con, alloy wheels, electric windows, central locking, bodykit and spoiler, finished in sage green, tan leather trim, really super condition throughout, Jag enthusiast s club member owner, bargain 1995

If anyone is thinking of buying a V12 XJ-S these cars are not for the faint hearted. You either have to have a lot of spare money or you have to be reasonably good at car mechanics to keep the car well maintained. I fall into the second category. Since owning my car I have had a few small problems, due mainly I think to it having been used very little over the past 2 years. The first problem was that the car would not tick over when cold. I found this to be the Auxiliary Air Valve which had seized up probably due to little use. After removing the hoses and squirting in copious amounts of penetrating oil , which I left for 2 days, I put a long self tapping screw into one of the holes on top of the piston and managed to free it . The car now ticks over when cold. I found out how to do this from a very good book by Kirby Palm which I downloaded from his internet site. So if you are thinking of buying an XJ- S or maintain your own car then I would suggest that you download Kirby's Book and enlighten yourself. The other problems so far have been a dead battery, not cheap to replace, and a broken alternator drive belt. This was a bit of a pain to replace as you have to remove the other 3 drive belts first before replacing it. Unfortunately due to a change in circumstances I have had to sell it. Hopefully I will be able to get another in the future