1964 Hillman Imp

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I had this Hillman Imp next and ran this for 2 years before selling it to my sister. I did do a bit of restoration to it as can be seen above. The worst problem I had with it was when one of the heater hoses split. These of course run from the back of the car to the front via the sills and wasn't the easiest of jobs to replace. I also stripped and repaired the transaxle as I got fed up double de-clutching all the time with it as the syncro hubs had all worn and it was impossible to get into gear without. I also stripped and rebuilt the engine after getting it re-bored and re-ground. It's a great car for getting the engine in and out of as I could remove it in under 2 hours. This was a very underrated car and I preferred it to a mini.

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