Reliant Scimitar GTE SE5A 

Rear Light Cluster Repairs

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This might be of use to those who have found that when they need to remove the rear light cluster one or more of the nuts are rusted on and consequently snap off when undone. The way I repaired mine was first to buy some long stainless steel screws, washers and bolts of roughly the same size as the threaded part left in the plastic lens. I then heated up the plastic with a hot air gun (be careful not to get it too hot as the plastic could melt) and undid the remaining part of the sheered off thread with some pliers. I then screwed in the new stainless screw while keeping the plastic warm with the hot air gun. When it had cooled off I then cut the head off the screw with a junior hacksaw enabling the nut to be put on. (When you hacksaw the head off the screw  put the nut on first as hacksawing can make it very difficult to thread the nut on afterwards.) Removing the nut then has the effect of cleaning-up the cut end of the screw so it can be replaced more easily. I replaced all of mine and now as they are stainless steel I should have no more problems. This is a lot cheaper than buying some new  rear lights. The pictures below show the finished result.

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