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Eventually arriving at Silverstone (Note the lack of other cars)

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The day started off OK with Caroline and I arriving at Brooklands for the start in plenty of time. There were 2 other SE5A's there and we had a quick chat before signing in and then having a wander around the museum for 30 mins. 

Off we went for the start and we were flagged off and  on our way to Longcross which was the first check point. The car was running fine until about half a mile from the first checkpoint when it suddenly died and wouldn't restart. I jumped out and was just starting to have a look when one of the other Scimitars stopped to lend a hand and then the other Scimitar stopped too. What a kind and friendly bunch Scimitar owners are. After a few checks like making sure there was a spark and fuel getting through, which there was, the other Scimitars drove to the checkpoint to find an RAC van and send it back to have a look and hopefully sort the problem. A few minutes later 2 RAC vans arrived and one of them decided that the points were shot and he replaced them. The car then started fine and we were on our way to the check point but it cut out and stopped just before the checkpoint gates. After a few more starts it finally gave up again just inside. After much head scratching the RAC man finally decided it was the coil. When he found one and installed it we were off again, however this had taken an hour and a half so we were a bit behind.

The next checkpoint was at the Bucks Open Air museum at Chalfont so we shot off to try and get there before it shut. Unfortunately the car started missing and stopping when we stopped. We staggered on to the checkpoint thinking we could have a look when we were there. When we got there they were just clearing away but checked us in any way and said they would radio ahead to the next checkpoint so that they would wait for us. I had a quick look at the carb. as I assumed this was the problem as the points, condenser and coil had been replaced by the RAC and they had checked the plugs and leads. I took out the jets and blew them through with a drink straw I had in the car. We than set off again and it seemed a bit better for a while. However it started getting bad again before we got to the 3rd checkpoint. To cut a long story short we managed to limp to Silverstone just in time for us to get a finishers medal, as you can see from the photo above, with me blowing through the carb. jets every now and then and tempers getting a bit fraught between me and Caroline especially as we didn't have any time to stop and have a rest and something to eat at the checkpoints.

On the journey home the car still ran rough and then finally stopped about 400 yards before our house and refused to start so it was pushed the last bit. I stripped the carb. down and cleaned it as I assumed that was the problem and when re-installed the car was still the same. I then decided to check the points etc. which is what I should have done in the first place but I assumed they were OK. Unfortunately the RAC man must have been in a bit of a hurry as he hadn't fully tightened the points and they had gradually closed up on the journey until they finally closed all together just before arriving home. Any way it was certainly an eventful day out.