Reliant Scimitar GTE SE5A 

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Reliant Scimitar SE5A
Technical Specifications, History etc.

The Scimitar was the first car to introduce the idea of separate folding rear seat-backs, allowing the owner to change the carrying capacity, between four-seats plus a reasonable amount of luggage, three seats and more luggage, or two seats and a large carrying capacity, all accessible through the rear top-hinged glass tailgate, supported on gas-struts. They are built on a very strong steel backbone chassis, with glass-reinforced-plastic bodywork, and together with a very torquey engine, the Scimitar is a very strong and long lasting vehicle. A very high percentage of the Scimitars built are still in regular use, having achieved very high mileages in the meantime. The Scimitar also has an advanced suspension design (unequal-length wishbones at the front, six-link rear with Watts linkage, coil-springs all round), traditional rear-drive layout, excellent weight distribution (helped by theV6 engine being set well back in the chassis). This makes a car that is both fun to drive on twisty A roads, and still capable of travelling extremely long distances at sustained high speeds. The relatively simple design & construction of the car make the Scimitar relatively easy to repair by the home mechanic without need for special tools. These are the reasons that I chose my Scimitar and as I have done everything on the restoration myself I think this just goes to show that they must be easy to work on..

Engine 138 bhp
Brakes 3 pot Girling / Lockheed calipers front. Drums rear.
Gearbox 4 speed plus overdrive, 4 speed close ratio with higher ratio rear differential. Borg Wagner type 35 3 speed Auto or Ford C3 3 speed auto (Late SE5A's).
Front suspension Coil over damper double wishbone from TR6, trunnion bearing and ball joint steering pivot, anti-roll bar.
Rear suspension Salisbury live rear longitudinal location rods with Watts linkage arrangement for lateral position, and coil over damper units.
  0-60 mph - 8.9 secs
  Standing 1/4 mile - 16.7 secs
Fuel economy Normal driving: 21 mpg ,Motorway 26 mpg
Width 5 feet 4 1/2 inches 
Height  4 feet 2 1/2 inches
Length 14 feet 2 inches
Weight (dry) 1011kg
Optional extras Electric windows, Webasto sunroof, Leather interior.