Reliant Scimitar GTE SE5A 

Uxbridge Show 2002

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Uxbridge Show 2002 
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My Scimitar just after we arrived                 The TVRCC stand.                             More TVR's                    


Marcos's                                              Trident's                                           Gilbern's            


SE6B                                              My SE5A                                           My SE5A          

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The Uxbridge Autoshow is always well attended both by the number of cars on show and the no of visitors. Last year I went with a friend in his MGBGT and there wasn't another Scimitar in site. This year I took my SE5A and there were 2 other Scimitars (both SE6's) there one of which is pictured above. The Reliant Owners Club were there with about 10 cars. There was even a Reliant Ant on there patch. The clouds looked threatening at times but it didn't rain.