TVR 3000S (Convertible)

Restoration (April 2002)

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I apologise for the poor quality photo's but they were taken using a very cheap digital camera.

1st April

The chassis is now rolling.

7th April

I have now painted and refitted the handbrake and cables which was pretty straight forward. Next came the rear brake pipes and fuel lines and after I had referred back to some earlier photo's to see where they went back on. The only problem I did find was that the cable ties I had to fix them on weren't big enough but that was a minor problem and the rubber fuel pipes at the ends of the fuel line were cracked and perished.

14th April

I have rubbed down and painted the exhaust manifolds so they are ready to go on. The next major thing is to clean up the engine and gearbox and get them back on to the chassis. This will be done in May as I have a misfire on my Vixen to sort out first.