TVR 3000S (Convertible)

Restoration (April 2003)

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13th April

I decided to restore the hood frame next. The frame was broken in a couple of places and it has been repaired a few times before, one of which had broken again. Two of the screws that hold the middle bar to the side of the frame had stripped there threads and had fallen out. It had been repaired by welding but this too had broken. I first of all removed the hood itself from the frame. It was only attached at the front, on the header rail, and peeled off quite easily with no damage. I replaced the two screws with appropriate sized pop rivets and then re-did the welds so hopefully it will now be strong enough. One of the screw headed bolts that hold part of the side of the frame together was missing so I replaced it with an ordinary nut and bolt. The frame was then rubbed down to get rid of the rust after the remains of the glue was removed from the header rail with some WD40 and then sprayed with Satin Black Hammerite. I then oiled all the joints which made a remarkable difference to it's operation even though it didn't seem that stiff before. I fitted the fram to the car to check it's fit. The header rail seems tight to the screen on the passenger side and there's quite a gap in the middle and on the drivers side. I tried to get it to fit better by bending it slightly in the middle but then the clips wouldn't fit into the holes on the windscreen frame so I put it back to how it was and I will have to put some rubber strip underneath to seal it against the screen frame. I have been told by a few people that it should have the header rail rubber from an MGB fitted to the header rail. I bought one but I can't get it to close against screen so I will have to re-think that.

20th April

I cleaned up the hood cover as best I could but the rust stains on the inside wouldn't shift. I may dye it black in the future to try and hide the stains but at the moment I will put up with it. The outside however looks fine. I re-glued the front of the hood back on to the frame and left it to dry. When I got the car the hood wouldn't attach to the two clips nearest the door on the drivers side and unfortunately I still can't get it to fit any better. I will have to have a look to see if I can adjust it any better.

I also found that the Hazard Warning switch wasn't working. I have found out that this is from a post '76 MGB/MGBGT but I also found out that they aren't very well made and don't last long. They are also about 25. I found one the same size and very similar in appearance at Holdens for  6.25 Part number: 020.036.It has exactly the same fitting on the back so it was just a case of plugging it in. I now have the Hazard Warning lights working again.