TVR 3000S (Convertible)

Restoration (August 2002)

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Front inner wing primed  Bootlid primed  Carb. refitted

Engine bay    Another engine bay view

4th August

The boot lid is now sprayed black and is looking good and just need a polish when the paint has hardened, the inner wings have also been sprayed. I have inspected the rear tub and there is just a small spot by the rear drivers side bumper which needs repairing. The rest looks pretty good so I have decided to just give this a good polish after doing the small repair.

On inspecting the steering column I found that the top nylon bush had disintegrated so I have obtained a new one which is now fitted and the steering column is now back in the car enabling me to manoeuvre it about better. I've also refitted the pedals.

I have also started putting things back in the engine compartment. At present I have cleaned and refitted the carburettor, coil, radiator, hoses, servo, clutch cable and connected up the fuel lines. The next thing I refitted was the front brake lines.

18th August

This weekend I repaired the front edge of the bonnet where it had been rubbing on the ground, due to the broken strap, and re-sprayed the front edge of  it.

I've refitted all the rear lights, number plate, and rear bumpers. When I got the bumpers out I discovered that 2 of them had split due to expansion of the metal and they are now beyond repair so it looks as though I'll have to get 2 second hand ones. The next stage will be to fit the petrol tank but I think I may have to seal it first as there sounds like a lot of loose rust inside it.

25th August

I put some petrol in the tank and swilled it round then emptied it and it came out with very little rust particles in it so I have decided just to paint the outside and put a fuel filter in the line. I have also refitted the the interior door panels and the 2 interior rear panels just behind the seats.