TVR 3000S (Convertible)

Restoration (February 2002)

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I have now stripped down the front suspension. I decided to do one side at a time so I had the other side for reference. Everything has turned out to be in very good condition apart from the flexible brake hoses. I have decided to replace these with the steel braded variety as they give better pedal feel and don't perish like the rubber ones. The only problem I encountered was trying to remove the brake calliper and in the end I resorted to fitting the suspension back on to the chassis and then I undid them quite easily. I was expecting the trunion bolts to be difficult to remove but luckily they had been well greased so they came off with no problem. All the front suspension components have now been rubbed down and painted and are now re-fitted to the chassis.

I have also refitted the steering rack after a rub down and repaint. This is fairly recent so I just gave it a quick check by pulling back the rubber boots and making sure it was well greased. One thing worth noting is to fit it to the steering column U/J before bolting it down.

The dismantled Anti-roll bar The old droplink bush

The next thing I tackled was the anti-roll bar. The mounting rubbers were completely shot together with drop link bushes. I have purchased some new mounting rubbers and some rose jointed drop links so next weekends job will be to refit this.