TVR 3000S (Convertible)

Restoration (January 2002)

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The painted chassis

I have rubbed down the rusted areas on the front part of the chassis. I found that the rust had gone back under the powder coating for quite away as the coating doesn't seem to bond to the metal very well. I treated the rust with Jenolite which neutralises the rust and gives a good surface for the primer. Next I primed it with Bondaprimer which took a very long time, just doing from the front of the chassis to the front outriggers took me most of the morning.

I have now painted the chassis with Smoothrite and I have also given all the exposed parts of the chassis a good coat of Black Waxoyl. I must say that it does look good now and hopefully I won't mark it too much whilst refitting the suspension etc. 

I'm hoping that I will get the front suspension rebuilt and back on the chassis next month.