TVR 3000S (Convertible)

Restoration (March 2002)

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10th March.

I have now fitted the anti-roll bar and the front of the chassis is finished for the time being. I have refitted the front wheels to enable the chassis to be moved more easily and turned it round in the garage so I can make a start on the rear.

The rear Diff. and the Diff. hanger has been cleaned ready for repainting. I shall also be draining the oil and refilling it.

23rd March.

I have also cleaned one side of the rear suspension and that too is ready for painting as it looks in very good condition with no signs of wear. The U/J's show signs of plenty of grease and no wear so that's encouraging. I have stripped the rear brake cylinder and found that it needs a new rubber seal, as there were score marks on it, although there were no signs of it leaking. I have now painted the diff. and nearside rear suspension. I have also refitted it to the chassis so this weekend I will start on the other side.


Nearside suspension & diff refitted.

30th March.

The offside rear suspension is now fitted to the chassis after cleaning and painting.