TVR 3000S (Convertible)

Restoration (March 2003)

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1st March

I have got a new brake master cylinder (Ford Cortina MKIV) and fitted it. I have bled the brakes once again using a Gunsons Easibleed and now have brakes and no leaking master cylinder. I also tried to free off the clutch by warming the engine up and then starting it in gear and jamming on the brakes which I have usually found to work but on this occasion it didn't even after about 10 attempts. I decided to ask on YahooGroups  to see if anyone had any other ideas to free it off.

8th March

I decided to have another go at freeing off the clutch trying a method suggested by David Yeoman and Russell Talbot which involves putting the rear wheels up on axle stands and driving in gear for 20 minutes or so and trying to stop the engine with brakes. Unfortunately this didn't work either.

16th March

I tried a few more drastic methods suggested, that I won't go into detail, of freeing off the clutch but again to no avail. I also noticed that the exhaust manifold was blowing at the joint on the rear port on passengers side because I had fitted the gasket round the wrong way. After about 30 mins. this was turned round and refitted.

30 March

I had an email from Adrian Venn at Exactly TVR asking me to call him with regards to freeing off the clutch. I phoned him and he told me of a method to try and asked me not to put it up on the internet but to say that if anyone else has the problem they should phone him and he will tell them. Suffice to say his method worked. I have also refitted the bonnet and it looks like a car again.