TVR 3000S (Convertible)

Restoration (May 2002)

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19th May

I have cleaned the engine and checked over a few things like the clutch (which showed very little signs of wear) but as the engine was running very well I have decided just to give it a good clean followed by a coat of engine enamel. I have also cleaned and painted the gearbox. The only fault I have found with the gearbox is that the only part of the reversing light switch left is the casing which is badly cracked. The internals are missing completely and explains why the reversing lights didn't work. I seem to remember someone saying that these are N.L.A. so I expect it will take a while for me to track one down. 

The engine, gearbox and prop. shaft are now back in the chassis. There were no real problems fitting them as I connected the engine and gearbox then hoisted them both into the chassis. I have drained the old oil out of the gearbox and refilled it with new. The old oil that I drained out looked as though it hadn't been in there long and was very clean. I've also refilled the engine with oil and put on a new filter.

26th May

I decided to get the starter motor and exhaust manifolds fitted. I first of all fitted the starter motor, which was straight forward. I then connected the battery earth strap and the battery positive lead making sure that this wasn't going to be near the exhaust manifold.  When I came to fit the exhaust manifold on the starter motor side I had a job getting it into position because it kept fowling on either the chassis, engine or starter motor. I eventually managed to fit it from the top with a bit of fiddling about. It is now bolted up to the engine and I have double checked that the positive cable is well away from the manifold down pipes. I've still got the other side to fit but hopefully this should be easier.