TVR 3000S (Convertible)

Restoration (May 2003)

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4th May

I gave up trying to get the hood to shut with the MGB header rail fitted and bought a length of 13mm x 13mm closed cell sponge from Woolies which I have glued to the header rail and this seems to work OK. It doesn't allow water in when squirted with a hose but I suppose I will only know how good it is when I'm driving in pouring rain.

11th May

I decided to make a catch to stop the bonnet opening fully if it became unclipped on both sides (I had one side pop open when driving it home when I bought it). This I did by using a clip from an old key ring and a piece of strap from one of my wife's old handbags. I fixed the clip to the middle of the front edge of the bonnet with a piece of leather strap. I then fixed a ring with another piece of strap to the bulkhead. I experimented with getting the length right so that it opened just enough to unclip it.

Ring on bulkhead                              Clip on Bonnet


18th May

I ordered a set of new springs and dampers from Adrian Venn at Exactly TVR to replace the leaking Spax dampers and warped springs. One of the springs was warped so much it had worn away quite a bit of metal from the damper. The new AVO dampers and springs looked too nice to fit to the car. The rear dampers and springs went on very easily, it was just a case of unbolting the old ones and putting on the new. In case you remove all four springs and dampers and can't remember which were the front and which were the back the thicker springs go on the front. To get the front ones on I had to undo the anti-roll bar from the chassis to allow the wishbones enough downward movement to fit the bottom damper bolt but apart from that they were also straight forward. All I've got left to do now is to give all the nuts and bolts a check to make sure I haven't missed tightening any and then get check it over ready for it's MOT.

The old warped spring

28th May

I've just got back from the MOT station with a nice new MOT certificate so this is the end of the restoration, however there may be a few problems come to light when I start using it.