TVR 3000S (Convertible)

Restoration (October 2001)

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I then turned my attention removing all the ancillaries from the engine compartment. Again most of this was straight forward. I detached the front & rear brake pipes from the servo and then removed the front brake pipes which are copper so they will go back on as there is no tarnishing on them. The next thing I removed was the servo which like the pedal box seemed to be stuck to the bulkhead. When I removed the carb. I noticed that the metal plate, that splits the fuel flow to each bank of cylinders and sits on the spacer between the carb. and manifold, was missing 2 of it’s 3 screws which is a bit worrying as I presume they have disappeared into the engine. The 3rd screw was also very loose. When I put it back I will be putting them back with some Loctite. The next problem I came across was removing the exhaust from the manifold down pipes as they were stuck fast. In the end I left them attached and just undid the manifolds from the engine so that the engine could be lifted out and they could be removed later. I did discover where the blowing from the exhaust was coming from as one of the gaskets was missing from between the manifold and the head. The next pig of a job was removing the starter motor which in the end I just undid and left until the engine was out.  I then hired an engine crane and lifted out the engine, without the gearbox as it is heavy enough on it’s own, and it came out without any problems. The engine is very heavy and not something you want to drop on your foot and therefore worth hiring a crane for.

Body sitting on "Table"

I then decided to make a “Table” to rest the body on so as to enable the body to be stored in the single garage on the "Table" with the chassis fitting underneath. I made this out of a sheet of 8’ x 4’ OSB board on a frame of 3” x 2”. I made it high enough to get the chassis with the wheels attached underneath and the body on top without touching the garage roof. I wanted to store it inside as I stored the Scimitar body outside when I restored that and despite all my efforts it ended up quite wet with condensation etc. and it took ages to dry out. I ended up with a bit of osmosis on it and so the paint has lifted in a few places.