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2nd day of ownership front view

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July 2001

The above pictures were taken the day after I picked up the car (12th July). I  started on the restoration as soon as the Tax ran out at the end of July 2001. I of course drove it until it ran out.

The bodywork is fairly good and so far I have spotted a crack in the boot lid, a crack & hole by the drivers side rear bumper, a few cracks by the drivers side headlight, accident repair to rear wing has sunk slightly and the front of the bonnet (where it touches the ground when opened as there is no restraint) is badly worn with a few holes. 

The interior and soft top are fine and just need a bit of a clean.

The chassis only seems to have surface rust but I might find a few surprises when I remove the body especially the front outriggers and where it sits on the sound deadening felt at the back.

On the mechanical side it is very good with just a few minor things that I've found. Bonnet opens on bumpy roads on the passengers side, battery tries to make an escape bid as there is nothing to secure it, no bonnet restraint, one side screen fastener missing, the clock works intermittently, exhaust is blowing slightly at the manifold and radio doesn't work but who wants to listen to the radio with that exhaust note.

My intention is to put up the story of the restoration on my website as it happens month by month. I only spend a few hours one evening a week and one morning or afternoon at the weekend, providing I haven't got any other jobs to do round the house or on my other cars so I expect it to take me a few years to complete.