TVR 3000S (Convertible)

Restoration (September 2001)

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The next stage was to remove everything from the body so as to make it light enough for removal from the chassis.

I first removed all of the interior i.e seats, dash etc. Nothing too difficult here so I won’t go into any detail. I did find quite a few wires by the cigarette lighter & hazard switch that had just been cut and left so some investigation will be needed when refitting. This could explain why the hazard lights didn’t work but the switch also looks a bit suspect. The majority of the interior is in very good condition and is now being stored in the attic. The only thing I left in the car was the wiring loom which I labelled well as the wires are all black with coloured bands at the ends for identification and these tend to fall off. I also pumped out the brake fluid before removing the pedal box. The pedal box seemed to be stuck to the body but with a bit of wiggling it finally came free. Some of the heater air tubes were a bit crushed and might need replacing.

I decided to leave the screen attached as when I looked underneath at the tubes it sits in at either side of the bulkhead they seemed to have a lot of resin coming out of them. I tried to lift the screen after removing the 2 bolts at the end of the tubes and the 2 nearer the centre of the screen but it was stuck fast.

Next to come off was the boot lid and the fuel tank. The fuel filler proved a bit stubborn to remove from the large rubber tube to the tank at first but with a bit of twisting it suddenly freed. When I removed the fuel filter, one of those large plastic see though types, I discovered it was half full of sediment and a lot heavier than it should have been so I guess the tank will need a good clean out but it does show how useful they are. The last bit of petrol I emptied out was very dirty. Hopefully the inside of the tank isn't too bad and will only need flushing out. I have sealed the filler neck with some plastic held on by a jubilee clip and plugged the outlet tube and return tubes to prevent it getting damp inside after first putting in some engine oil in and swilling it round. This should protect it enough during storage.

When removing the passengers side front bumper I noticed that the rusty metal under the rubber has expanded and split the rubber open so it looks as though I might need a new one. All the bumper bolts undid easily except for the rear passengers side and they both sheared off. The rear bumper is also split on the inside and badly rusted.