TVR 3000S (Convertible)

Restoration (September 2002)

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The dash refitted

8th September

I took off the rusty instrument bezels and rubbed them down and repainted them. The instruments were then refitted to the cleaned dash, connected the electrics back up and refitted the dash. I also stripped down the carb. and found it to be full of sediment. I cleaned all the sediment out and then gave all the jets a good blow through.

22nd September

I decided that I would try and start the engine so I filled the radiator with ordinary water, as I didn't want to waste any anti-freeze if there were any leaks, and put my petrol can, that I keep the petrol for the lawn mower, in the boot with the fuel pipe and return in the can. I charged up the battery and connected it up. I then turned the key and the engine turned slightly and then seemed to jam. I thought maybe I had left it in gear and the battery wasn't very good but on checking this wasn't the case. I finally found, more by luck than judgement, that if I didn't turn the key fully the engine turned over fine. I'd left the fuel pump outlet disconnected from the carb. and instead put it in a jam jar to make sure fuel was coming through but nothing appeared. I took off the pump and checked it was sucking. It seemed fine so I re-fitted it and tried again and this time fuel appeared so I re-connected it on to the carb. and tried to see if the car would start and it fired straight up and ticked over with no problems apart from water leaks from the top and bottom radiator hoses which I wasn't surprised about because they had gone a bit hard. 2 new hoses will be added to the shopping list.

29th September

I refitted the petrol tank and then checked to make sure all the rear light were working. Everything was fine apart from the passenger side reversing light. This turned out to be the bulb holder. The copper contact that touches the side of the bulb wasn't making good contact with top part of the holder that clips into the rear light unit and so forms the earth contact. I removed the clip ring  from the plastic bulb bowl, cleaned up both metal parts Next I bent up the copper piece of the the bulb side contact that had got flattened and therefore not making contact with the clip ring. It now works fine. I then checked the boot opening solenoid. This didn't work but after pulling the plunger in and out a few times it sprung back into life. The 2 pieces of wood boot floor were then fitted ad the the boot carpet was cleaned and refitted.