TVR Vixen S3

Brooklands Sportscar Festival 2002

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On the weekend of June 1st / 2nd 2002 Brooklands Museum held a Sportscar Festival in association with Which Kit Magazine. The Saturday was meant to be mainly for Kit cars but as I couldn't attend on the Sunday  I decided to go on the Saturday anyway. I was surprised to find there was about a 50 / 50 split between kit cars and sportscars and there were already quite a few TVR's there and we had an excellent position in front of the clubhouse. It was a sunny and very warm day and there was a good turn out of different TVR's as you can see in the pictures below. It was also the first time for a long time that I had been somewhere with my Vixen and come across an older TVR. The 1800s in the pictures had only recently been bought by the owner and his wife and we spent quite a while chatting about our cars. There was also a nice metallic blue Tuscan V6. Quite a few people put their cars to the test up the Brooklands famous Test Hill in the afternoon. It was also good to go round the museum again. I was surprised to see how much it had changed.

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