TVR Vixen S3

Helmingham Hall Classic Car Show - 2000

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On the 27th August 2000 I went to the Helmingham Hall Classic Car Show in Suffolk near Ipswich sadly without the TVR as I was visiting my parents with the family so we went in the Range Rover. The weather was good apart from one heavy downpour that lasted for 10 minutes. There were 5 TVR's there unfortunately a very nice 1969 Tuscan V6 was leaving as I arrived. However I did get a picture of  3 TVR's  including Pietro Abate's really nice 3000M. It was a really good show with the added attraction of every hour they had 10 of the cars run down the long drive after a bit of history about the car. It was nice to see and hear some of the unusual cars in motion and made a nice change from just seeing them parked up. 

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The TVR's Present
A Monteverdi and a Maserati
Some more Nice Cars
Roaring Down the Drive